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One of our members in one of our local chapters of the NAWCC asked me if I could make a spring barrel for a music box. He described the teeth as being a ratchet style, so I said yes. You don't need a form cutter to cut ratchet teeth so I said yes. What could go wrong?


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For one thing, here is what I received in the mail. This was worse than expected though I had already decided that I would make a new barrel before I saw this.

On the drive barrel below, I could not find one good tooth for a pattern to use to make a cutter.

Plus, the further I went into this box, at every turn, these are examples of the type of the poorly done prior 'repairs'.

The left side of the governor frame (above right) is supposed to be as straight as the right side. It actually has bends in two planes. It took a lot of force to do this!

Soooo...these views below are how the new pair turned out.

 Here is my daughter cutting the ratchet teeth into the new barrel.

  This last view not only illustrates how reflective these barrels are, but also shows that the reflected images are distortion free.

If this has interested you, then you might like to view a thread that I started in March of 2016 that describes most of the steps of the repair process in greater detail. The thread is located in the 'Clock Repair' forum of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC).

The thread already has over 1130 views. Here is a link to save you from having to search for it:

Please note that the NAWCC is experiencing some trouble with their new format. All the photos for this thread may not show up. This issue is being addressed and will be corrected.
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