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After the prototype was up and running I started to consider changes based on lessons I was learning. In March of 1983 I started working on the design and development of the next generation of clock movement which is shown here.

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The movement is fastened quite solidly to the heavy cast iron mount. There are three bosses on the rear that will penetrate the cabinet allowing large screws to bolt it directly to the wall. These bosses will protrude slightly. This will allow the case to float and have no effect on the pendulum.

The layout of the train is shown below with the front plate removed. The white arrow below points to a sapphire jewel that is so clear it appears that there is nothing in the hole. The other two ruby jewels are obvious.

This view shows how this movement assembly bolts firmly to the test stand. This stand is shown in more detail on my "Prototype Precision Clock" page which can be accessed by the link with this title.

The bosses on the rear of the mount are one inch tall to allow for a cabinet up to 3/4 inch thick. This will allow the cabinet to flex independently of this cast iron mount.

By isolating this mount from the cabinet, it will assure greater stability as an anchor for the pendulum.

More is on the way.............................

If you have read this far, then you might be interested in a thread that I started in 2011 that describes the prototype clock and many of the lessons I have learned by building and experimenting with it. The thread is located in the 'Clock Construction' forum of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC).

The thread already has over 53,500 views and has many excellent contributions from individuals in several counties around the world. Here is a link to save you from having to search for it:

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