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Welcome to my web site! Rev. 5-26-2022
9-22-2016: Due to the loss of the host server late in 2015, I have been updating this site. The format has changed somewhat to better categorize the topics. The site will be changing as often as I can find the time to refine it and to include additional content.

This is especially true now that I am back in control of the site and am getting more familiar with the software.

All of the pages are operational now although several have just enough information to get started.

According to one of the website tracking services, this site has had a monthly average of over 130,000 visits. Besides restoring the site, I am also trying to make it more inviting and less cramped feeling.

I hope you like the changes.

Please bear with me as this site grows to properly showcase the quality, diversity and creativity displayed in the work that I perform.

Without my asking for it, I have had the good fortune to have several individuals tell me how much I have inspired them to reach farther in their own lives.

I have been profoundly humbled by receiving such an honor and I hope that others may also feel a benefit from my attempts to work to the best of my ability.

Thank you for your interest and for stopping by!

Best wishes to you.



PLEASE NOTE: Due to many unforeseen developments since I started this web site, I am forced to devote all of my time to saving my house and shop from further deterioration.

Therefore, I am announcing my retirement from all motorcycle-related work.

A condensed description of the above mentioned 'developments' is offered on my 'About Me' page.

Thank you all for the interest you have shown through the years and to all the great people I have had

the honor of meeting along the way.


Please get in touch to offer comments and money!

You can e-mail me at:
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