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This part of this web site is less of a technical one and more spiritual/philosophic in nature. I will be venturing into this area as I continue to develop this page sharing personal experiences and discoveries that I have made along the way.

The material that I will be sharing is my truthful account of events and my interpretations of them.  I will not defend, debate, nor deny their validity and my right to experience what I have. I also feel that what I have learned has been given freely. Therefore, I will not add my name to the list of those trying to cash in on spiritual information.

Throughout my life I have observed that people are generally not taught to recognize their own creativity. Our culture stresses intellect at the expense of intuition. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have had people say, "I could never do that" when I am discussing something I have accomplished. This always saddens me a bit because I recognize that a comment as this is not a natural human response but rather a learned one.

A few months ago I started this area of the web site by simply posting a link to the second part of an outline of a Power Point presentation I have presented to a few groups of people interested in clocks and watches. Now I am expanding the points mentioned in the outline as I did for the presentation. Once I incorporate all of these points into these paragraphs, I will remove the outline.

Only in the last few days have I realized that what I am doing is a blog as I will be updating this information regularly - hopefully each week.

Being aware that people do not often retain much information from workshops, seminars and lectures I hoped to at least ignite a spark of curiosity about our innate intuition. The third page of this outline starts with the word 'Now' which may be somewhat confusing. This page originally introduced the creativity topic which I feel is more important than a simple 'Show and Tell' about clock building.

Page four of the outline starts with my describing my earliest memory as an infant who could not yet walk or speak.

Lucky for me I have a journal (gifted by an aunt) titled, 'Life's Milestones' and my mother and I wrote in it. This photo is at 5 months and is probably within a month of this memory.

I mention that I stuck something into an electrical outlet because that is more easily accepted by most people.

However, that is not how it actually happened.

My memory from that day is as vivid today as it was seventy-plus years ago. 

I had found something on the carpet and crawled over towards the outlet because I felt it must fit into it.

My 'mind' still has the picture of my chubby little right arm reaching out to this outlet that appears much larger than an outlet appears to me today. I was supported on my knees and left arm and I twisted slightly to my left to maintain balance.

Just before I was to insert the hairpin(?) into one of the slots everything went white and I lost all visual information. During the split second of whiteness I was knocked back onto my butt with my legs now out in front of me. I could not sit with my legs together because the cloth diaper I was wearing was too bulky. I also had no clue as to how I had gotten to this new position.

I clearly remember being startled and confused and I wanted to know what had happened. The only communication I had learned for getting attention/help was to cry.

My mother came out from the kitchen and scooped me up in her arms. As she was looking me over, I looked over her arm at these two other little people I would eventually learn were my sisters. There was some type of gibberish going on between all of them and I was rapidly growing more frustrated which was turning to anger .... and louder crying.

My feeling was, "They don't understand, I can't make them understand". I KNEW that they should have been able to 'HEAR' me, but that they could not.

I used the term 'feeling' because this was not a thought as I would have today. It was an intuitive realization. I was frustrated because these people around me were using a different process for communication than I was familiar with. Even at this age I was recognizing the difference between intuition and what I would later learn is termed 'intellect'.

One point I wish to make here is that I was by no means a clear slate as some people would have us believe. For my entire life I have remembered this event vividly and found that the awareness that intuition is different from intellect has served me well for 'out of the box' thinking. Often I have called these characteristics the engineer and artist within me. Because I recognize these two distinct polarities within me, when facing a problem, or the need to create something in the shop, I am comfortable allowing the artist to roam free to find a solution that I can then turn over to the engineer for implementing.

Retaining this earliest memory has also helped my parenting skills by recognizing the frustration a child endures in order to 'mature' in a culture that does not recognize the importance of intuition.

When I was in my mid-thirties I mentioned this memory to my oldest sister who was five years old when it occurred. She gasped, "I remember that! We had no idea what was wrong!" This gave me an external reference as to the validity of the event. No longer did I need to question myself about it. Eventually, I have learned to trust my intuition enough to realize that questioning it is counterproductive.

In recent years I have discovered that I am not alone in feeling this way. It is my feeling that both of the following quotes were from individuals intuitively aware of what I am trying to detail utilizing the terms intuition and intellect.

This quote is from Buckminster Fuller (the inventor of the geodesic dome) in his book, ‘Utopia or Oblivion’:

“I am convinced that neither I nor any other human, past or present, was or is a genius. I am convinced that what I have every physically normal child also has at birth. We could of course hypothesize that all babies are born geniuses and get swiftly de-geniused. Unfavorable circumstances, shortsightedness, frayed nervous systems, and ignorantly articulated love and fear of elders tend to shut off many of the child’s brain-capability valves. I was lucky in avoiding too many disconnects.”

I have also learned that Albert Einstein stated within a letter to the New York Times in 1952:

"It is essential that the student acquire an understanding of and a lively feeling for values. He must acquire a vivid sense of the beautiful and of the morally good. Otherwise, he -- with his specialized knowledge -- more closely resembles a well-trained dog than a harmoniously developed person."

Our current technological culture actively plays down the importance of intuition by elevating intellect as the most important trait to be nurtured. We have been indoctrinated with the idea that we must only trust evidence that is external to us (i.e. evidence that is agreed on by those outside of ourselves). Trusting our intuition is not even to be considered if we are to "fit in" with the rest of our culture.

Unfortunately, the folly of this approach and where it can lead has been shown to us by the gas chambers of Nazi Germany. Without the guidance of the intuition, the intellect is capable of becoming a Frankenstein monster only answering to itself.

However, without the application of the intellect, the intuitive cannot create anything. I will discuss more on this topic soon.........

This earliest event was the first of five times where something intervened to prevent harm to me, or to mitigate it. The white that I mentioned and the loss of visual information was present in four of these events. The fifth was perhaps the most dramatic. On the night of April 13, 1990 I felt the presence of an angel stop the likelihood of my murder on a rural West Virginia road.

Only in the last year or two, since starting a list with my computer, have I realized how often I have experienced events that many people will find difficult to believe. I am able to see how so many of these events have fit a pattern of increasing awareness and that they build on one another.

It is not all a bed of roses though as my 'energy field' (?) seems to be increasing along with my deeper understanding of what we call life.

I have to be careful of my mood when around electronic checkout terminals in most stores. They often fail to work properly or just plain fail. I need to maintain calmness and not be in a hurry. I have found that if I am with someone else and they are performing the transaction, my stepping back a few feet solves the 'problem'.

Just over a year ago, my wife and I applied for life insurance. Right after the person who was gathering the required information completed the EKG on my wife she was unable to get the machine to work on me. She tried quite a few things with no results. Finally after being hooked up to all the extra cords she had brought with her and my being down to only my shorts she agreed to let me try meditating.

WALLA! Almost immediately after starting, the machine 'inexplicably' worked fine.

I have decided to leave the outline in the below link because people are starting to find, read and download it. However, I felt I needed to elaborate on it a bit.

Please share this area of my website with others as you feel the need. I am convinced that there are many who have had experiences that they have found difficult to talk about because many people will quickly reject what may appear difficult to face.

Much more will follow as I can get the time..................





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